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An update from Grad Student abroad, Colby Gottert (part 3)

November 4th 2010

After a week in Bangladesh we have completing filming for two videos.  After spending three days in Chittagong we traveled three hours into the “hill country” to Manuchari, which is a village inhabited by the “hill tribes.”  The hill tribes share a culture and resemblance to the people of Myanmar and have historically been marginalized in Bangladesh.  We spent three days documenting HKI’s program to increase access to a variety of nutritious foods by providing technical assistance and inputs to women so that they can start household gardens.  The women who are part of the program grow a variety of vegetables in their gardens such as squash, greens and turmeric, which they feed their children and also sell at the market to get additional income.

During the past week we have mainly been shooting in a semi-structured verité style.  We schedule a series of activities, such as a nutrition training session, garden work or household cooking and then shoot handheld as the subjects go about their work.  At times we will ask subjects to repeat an action in order to get a shot we may have missed of get a better angle on an action, but most of the time we are adapting to the rhythm of the subject’s work.  We work with the Canon 5D and Sony EX1 interchangeably depending on the type of shots we re looking to get.  The EX1 allows up to cover a wide range of action such as a market scene more easily, whereas the 5D allow us to get great details and beauty shots with shallow depth of field.

This coming week we are filming in the “Chars” which is the delta that feeds into the Bay of Bengal.  The flat swampy environment will be completely different and the footage will complement the urban and mountain landscapes of the past two locations.  We took an overnight boat trip to get to the Chars which was quite an experience because it involved navigating the busiest river port in Dhaka which was filled with thousands of people traveling to destinations all across Bangladesh (see photo below)

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November 10, 2010 at 12:00 am

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