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A Steadicam Seminar with David Svenson

On Wednesday, October 20, David Svenson of Carolina Productions came to the Spartan TV Studio at UNCG to present a workshop on the Steadicam rig.  The event garnered an enthusiastic turn out of students wishing to try the rig, to learn how to work with one or simply to learn more about it.  In attendance were MFA’s Melissa Willenborg and Mariah Dunn, reporting that David’s presentation was a thorough one.  Svenson explained the background of the steadicam’s conception and invention, the logistics of the rig (and all of its components) and how it balances the camera. He made sure to emphasize the importance of safety precautions when operating the steadicam, and even supplemented this with a photo of his personal experience using the steadicam atop a ten foot ladder. Once students were comfortable with the safety precautions and basics for operation, David demonstrated the steadicam rig for the everyone present, displaying tips and maneuvers before letting the student’s try it out themselves.  Melissa reports, “The first thing out of the mouths of the first few student to try the rig was ‘This is awkward’, which David immediately laughed at and agreed. When I tried it on for myself, I realized the necessity to predict the weight distribution of the rig in relation to your body movement and stance. It’s like nothing else, and even though the camera can move so smoothly, it’s still very heavy and requires a lot of getting used to. David explained the importance of wearing the rig and getting comfortable in it and how it takes a lot of time wearing the rig and practice to become a ‘good’ steadicam operator. He emphasized the most important thing to perfect is the starting move and ending move of the camera and explained how  you need to have your feet ready for action and should always move the camera first before lifting your foot.”  The seminar turned out to be a successful and informative event, and the department thanks David Svenson for his time as well as Curt Nolan for his coordination.

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November 8, 2010 at 6:07 pm

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